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Winter Fishing and skiing holidays in 1 : An experiment that was worth

Saturday, January 21 , we are a small group of enthusiastic skiers and fly fishers from the Netherlands left for
Fly Fishing in the winter Czech RepublicFly shelter Czech Republic . the weather
were favorable for winter
fly fishing and skiing . enough
snow and cold enough for a
hot drink after fishing and
skiing is not only composed après -ski
but since this holiday also
après - fishing. Upon arrival around
16:00 we had our first
dig the way to the door.

Sunday, the first day experiment . As the morning too cold we decided after brunched
go fishing . Question 1 was , we dressed warm enough ! Thermo pants , socks and sweaters were found after
Strong Grayling to vlieghengel Fly Fishing for Grayling in winter
1uur fish not to be sufficient.
Kaptein Iglo was Rob also paid a
visit to check how cold the water
temperature was in waders .
Henk was nice hour
started five grayling , Rob had a bit
too busy with Captain Iglo
and Ruud is the week quietly began
one beautiful , big grayling .
Day 2 we went to another part .
These days anything more layers of clothing .

Even now, after the brunch since the morning a little too cold to get on the water. Unfortunately, it was this day
too cold for the fish . After 3 hours than even the great après- fish and a warm home to douch temperature komen.Dinsdag
we descended to the Mutuje .
There was relative to the Giant Mountains little sneeuw.Ook was working hard to catch one
fish and monetization for all of us here.
Again, after about 3 hours of fishing one fish per person , however this time we were
dressed by pulling . Among wading suit our ski suits on
But the hands and feet remain a problem .

Sky snow flyfishing in the winter Czech RepublicSkiing in the Giant Mountains decided to explore the slopes .
Half of the club had the slats etc.
and along the other half , without skiing experience ,
has decided to do with the ski lift to
to go upstairs and through the cross-country route to
to go downstairs and great photo
Shoot the views and scenery
enjoy . For both groups , it was a
adventure . The first had not been 3 years
slats stood and turns like riding a bicycle ,
have it again mastered .
For others it was the first time without
winter sports , but with a walk on the
cross-country route.
For both groups, it was
down the mountain to the delicious chocolate with rum and a drink to get warm and to keep the muscles. Smoothly
evenings we enjoyed a lot of good meat on the gourmet set.
Thursday weather suits in ski all together , but now the intention
to go fishing again .
It freezes well to get to the water. Again after brunch

Vlagsalm in the winternice grayling in winter Czech republic
This proved to be a good choice.
Rob had a good day today.
3 hours and 20 fishing vissen.Henk ,
as always , had the first fish
on dry land. Ruud went today
for the big boys and successfully .
Some really nice big grayling
and a nice sized trout . Friday
The rods were exchanged again for
skis and is in a different
ski slopes infested .
The other half of the club has
for the last time befriended the
dinner and seeing town and photo
exhibition as a cultural excursion .

Saturday , the last day and of course some fish after brunch , delicious the fresh water . Enjoy nature and catch nice fish .
Ruud and Rob were lost count, but there are 20 + caught in 3 hours. After fishing just fine après - fishing by the fireplace and
get ready for dinner at Diana .
Henk and Sandra had a duck Fly fishing for grayling in the winter ordered. Rob and Erik
Fly Rods in the winterthe ax and Schwein
Ruud a delicious steak .
Was icing on the cake
anyway just a drink in
it would dorpscafe.Deze
close and this would be the last
evening . Well that was a
unhinged mess . so after
our drinks , we also
but went home soon
to take another equally delicious
with a snack and a drink
the current week to be taken by
and strong stories with a smile and analyze a tear.

So dear people next year can book a combined holiday with us ! It's really rewarding and a great experience !

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