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Fishing trip in May 2010 : Ton Krabman

The weekend of Ascension 2010 - fishing trip to the Czech Republic - Fly Fish Farm

Wednesday - travel day
To travel to some rivers in the Czech Republic off for four days you have to be pretty avid fly fisherman . Hans and I are sure.
Because we have quite a busy work , it was not possible to join two other fanatics of our fly fishing club ' The Kingfisher ' ,
which could already be on the river. Earlier on Sunday

We left on Wednesday afternoon , after 13:00 from Genemuiden . Quite smoothly through Germany. After Dresden we passed
the border with Poland already in the dark.
After midnight we arrived only - not exactly knowing the lodge 30 meters away from
the road was .
The number also offered no solace. In the Czech Republic , the numbers are not exactly in order, as in the
Netherlands , but order of " built ." On
Luckily did the mobile phone of the Ton well and Erik us could ' talk inside . Arriving
in the middle of the night , fast to very nice rooms and 
ditto bathroom - again tomorrow morning at 08.00 am breakfast and
then ' to the river . " 
Upa best river Giant Mountains The next morning greetings with the fish sizes and Gerrit Jan and
Sandra and two guests at the large breakfast table .
The dog got a bit accustomed to ' Petertje ' grandson Hans , who was
allowed to experience this journey with.
During breakfast we heard that there was a prisoner ....... well ' You never know '!
River Upa Czech republic
Czech rivierenDAG 1 - 13/05/10 - Ascension - fishing on the ' Upa 'The first day was Erik us newcomers and even
some guides and some ' spots' where we designate certainly would catch ! The others already knew a
bit where the rivers and already knew "their place choose .

River Labe FlyfishingHans would be the first time a
Czech river . I had already caught on among
other things 
Labe and Jizera . Such first day you
always a little getting used to fish for running
water . Customize the way you throw the conditions,
the choice of the fly 
depend on the depth of the water,
the flow rate , etc. Sometimes there are deeper pools
which requires yet another method of presentation .
After several attempts, the first bites were felt ,
and also captured the first brook trout .
this first day, you should look for the places
where the fish are , so relocate , good looking
and offer the fly as well as possible .

At the end of the morning we were somewhere
near a dam - where grayling were also visible in the
stream ......
Hans fished a while with larger ' Riveters '
very successful close to the current seam somewhere
on the side of the weir .
I own and Petertje stood near
the bridge and caught on nymphs also some grayling
and trout.

Such a great first day strolling along the river does
all good - at lunch with " a nice Soepie ' Erik,
you can be back on track. (Morning we had of course
a packed lunch made , so we had during our
stay never have to go looking for some interim
food, a supermarket or something should visit.
everything is well prepared , we're only in the evening somewhere in the neighborhood food . By day, so the whole day 
Spending on the waterfront !

DAY 2 - Friday, 14/05/10 - fishing on the " Labe " - rainy day
The day started early with rain . That did not bode well ...... However, it would still be jaded!
The fishing day always starts with the 'scout' - finding a good fishing spot , exploring the river and the places where the fish might be . Sometimes you see fish rising, but today that the morning was not the case . At noon we came to a part where , according to Erik ' guaranteed fish will rise - and lots of fish " ! At a bridge, the water flowed very fast, with a high wall at the rear. With rolworpen we could easily reach the current seam and on the very edge of the stream rose seam here and brown trout . Only in very small dry flies were these trout to seduce . A good binding pattern was the ' comparator thin - Erik Style' . This was the right color and not too big . When properly presenting the trout rose immediately . We've got beautiful fishing for a while . Hans was looking for examples of the ' underwater life and photographed with the Macro Lens numerous' nymphs , stoneclingers ' etc. He used a specially fabricated net which he numerous' beessies ' managed to capture in an instant.

Labe fly ReuzengebergteDAG 3 - Saturday, 15/05/10 - The vliegvisshop in Vrachlabi and fish on the river Upa .
The capture of the coin ....... and evening roasted ' gammon eat in the village " - music in the pub .
After breakfast first, but a short drive through the Giantgrayling on the river Upa czech republic
- Towards the vliegvisshop in Vrachlabi .
Always visit it! The articles are largely focused on fly fishing
running water , the " Czech -nymph method and there is
always some 
can be found . Also, with respect to the book ,
there is a good choice , 
images of the flies are so
experienced that as binder 
usually have enough on that
picture to check the pattern of binding .
Inspiratievol .

We started on a large piece of the Upa , with fords
to about stabbing . Fast Flowing water , not too deep ,
and here and
there momentum or a sloping piece .
Here and have a trout caught , but the catches were not so ,
you're going 
cheer. Further , there should be more ..... And , yes, that was true. the First grayling was quickly hooked ,
River Upa Czech republic Flyfishingand here and there they went too !
So ,
very soon a small reddish-brown dry fly
( Palmer Style ' + wing of 
deer hair)
act in question.
In this fly several nice grayling
were landed.
However , it appears that a fly will
only be taken by the fish as it exactly is well
presented and looks good too !
That means
that a lot of throws are required .
The fly regular
" dry store " in the air and then just present ,
make sure that the flight lands well and amply
can drive before it goes ' dragging ' anyway.
Very occasionally fly even at the end of the 'drag '
yet caught , because the movement of the rod ,
the fly does move extra.
You will then still surprised by the bite .

At one time the fish was enorm Labe flyriver flyfishing Czech Republic
on the rise, one after another splash
was audible . Fantastic therebetween
which to stand ! asla fish This third day
So ended as we wanted , lots of fish ,
many bites , many ' crooked rods - a
fine end of some great fishing days .

( Later in the day , in the early evening we are
just come back , but the rising fish
The afternoon did not show up . a
single bite was all. On the
lodge and the " bbq pig '!

DAY 4 - Sunday - travel day -
back to the Netherlands .

The journey through Germany went smoothly , despite the many ' Baustellen ' , which we certainly did delay . After about 10/12 hour drive we were back home . The end of a very short but intense visit to the " Fly Fish Farm 'by Sandra and Erik , where we had the huge time .

The location, the house , the warm and friendly welcome and well cared for catering and the " scout qualities of fishing guide Erik ' made for a very successful fishing trip with a farewell : " We'll be Back ! "

Photos : Erik Strijker / Ton Krabman / Hans van't Noordende

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