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Fly fishing trip June 2011 Ruud Garrelfs

Super Week in the Czech Republic on the flyfishfarm Erik and Sandra

Ascension June 2nd alarm at 5 am for 6 hours Sandra comes to pick me up for over a week fishing in the Czech Republic .
At the club Lely Nymph I heard Erik and Sandra for this period still had a place in Flyfishfarm , Exciting because this was
my second time in water , are in any case not so long infected with the flyfishing virus , only eighteen months

My first experience in water was Kyll in Birresborn Germany with five other members of the Lely Nymph during Easter ,
had a great weekend but the Czech Republic is still very different .

Gerry from Eindhoven was already in the car, but we also had to pick someone from Groningen and then towards
Czech happy beautiful weather and nice and quiet on the road.

At 18:00 arrived at the Flyfishfarm Erik and Sandra where we were greeted by Eric and the group that was already there .
Following a special welcome drink with the whole group of nine men and a woman at a restaurant in the village
where we enjoyed a delicious meal.

On the way back we had just a little oponthoudt because a little too fast , they have in the Czech Republic en
also mobile speed monitoring equipment is not a problem but if you also do not have a driver's license with you and
license plates of the car questions call the traffic police then you have a problem . Our host was
so here detained by the police, but fortunately we do have quite gotten him pretty quickly.

Saturday morning we have another group waved and then started vissen.Wij have the entire week fished on the Upa River

Labe fly and labe butBeautiful river Labe flyfishing Czech republic
still other places .
Erik knows the way there
back of his hand and brought
us to the most beautiful
places that you just never
would find .

I have this
week learned a lot
and my fish
( Trout and grayling )
caught and the necessary
lost but I was
happy with it .

Beautiful trout Labe Flyfishing Czech RepublicFly on the LabeVerder was nursing
excellent, nice rooms
super breakfast every day ,
lunch and coffee
and / or of soup .
Dining we did in the
lovely village where you could
food for relatively
usually little geld.Daarna
in the cozy kitchen
Fly (stone adhesives and
micro nymphs ) bind to
the next day , because you
gets rid of some kind
fixed on such a day , between
stones or branches
calculated in the tree that are
on that beautiful spot is .

Overall had a great week that is definitely worth repeating .

Ruud Garrelfs

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