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Rain, rain , rain , ....... law, law, law ..... , Cold , cold, cold .....

You would be a wonderful English popular anthem May they not make it thatthere is never so much tenacity , say abundant water from the air locks May fall . , Even in the Netherlands ( and Belgium )
BUT , as bad as the weather was so exceptionally good and pleasing was the reception that we've had . ' s House Sandra and Erik Always willing , always attentive , always available , always set positive ..... how they do it in Such weather

Fish , fish , fish ..... catch giant trout , catch giant trout , catch giant trout ( and lost sometimes even play) .
Anyway , Erik is my 70 year old eyes , the most perfect , open , Especially patient counselor that I. can imagine .

Tinker, tinker , tinker , ..... plod , plod , plod , ..... grumble , grumble , grumble , then ..... by beginners , Erik is always close to show how. A jack in a box he is . Whence he comes suddenly ? I do not know ! I suspect thatthere are four Eriks , for every guest . How he equestrian centers an old rascal , a novice then , the first day to do the top 78 pick grayling with Czech nymphs still remains a mystery to me ..... NOT OF THIS WORLD . As if I did that for years . As you can see , age and technical ignorance Erik is not a hindrance . When the oldies , he is additionally prepared to comment on the Irregularities in the sometimes strong running water . Supportive arm ( or stick)

AND , Sandra continues to not hear back . Every morning fresh rolls for breakfast and lunch . Buns Erik retrieves it, but we all do that for sure ( sic ) .
Always eggs at breakfast , and soups at lunch and fruitjes on top of the stops they still act after fishing clothes in the dryer . A mother can not imagine better.

In short ..... there is only one fish farm in the Czech Republic and thats Sandra and Erik .

More About Erik taught me one of the best spells I've heard in years and I do not want to remember you :

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