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River Clinic May 2011: Gerrit Niekamp

Flyfishing Czech Nymph lessons republicFlyfishing on the labe Van 5
t / m May 14 I have a
River Clinic followed in
Czech Republic. This was
led by
Erik and I
stayed in his house.

Fly fishing is my hobby.
Erik has given me a lot
learned new techniques,
such as the Czech
's nymphs.

He knows a lot of
waters as well as
and larvae of the insects
who live there.

He is an excellent fishing guide proved that many learned.

We are there everyBeautiful Grayling Czech republic
day out, to go fishing
in the waters.
Around his home

I myself have
a lot of
River Clinc
Czech Republic

large Grayling
and trout caught
(by my standards


I find this to
be repeated
and it will be in the
future certainly
do again.

Greetings Gerrit Niekamp

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