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Fly Fishing September 2011 Rinus , Henk , Ari

In October we left ( Rinus , Arie and Bob) to the Czech Republic to go fishing , we had booked a week at
Fly Fish Farm by ( Erik and Sandra ) when we arrived at their farm , we were warmly received .

The next day we made our stuff in order to go fishing , and then he took us to a river where
Fly on the Labewe first some explanation given where
Flyfishing Czech RepublicWe could start the best
fly and what we had to use
Once in the water , and to a pair of
caught throws and some advice
we our first grayling trout there
followed are still many that day,
Next day we went to a
other river where we teach
got what we needed
Czech nymphs . ( very special )
The next day he took us to
a river where you
tactics could apply , I myself am
go Czech nymphs and
others have simply fished there
was again captured properly.
We have been involved in so many rivers

and everywhere we fished it was good catch and one day he took us to a river where we each in
a place were put down , I was fly fishing on the Labe
the advice to use a dry flyFly Fishing Czech Republic
to go fishing , and against
the current
throw in there it
was really a
madhouse within
an hour had
I certainly between
40 to 50 trout
and the other
boys had a
Another place also
caught good
the one with
red tag and the other
also with a dry fly with the
flow. The skill

Fly on the labevan Erik as a guide and knowledge of the region , we have well captured and learned a lot , it is highly recommended to stay there and the accommodation and hospitality of Erik and Sandra is certainly highly value .

Flyfishing on the river czech republicWe hope in 2012 after to go there.

We have been back in 2012 it
was again a supper
week , we
are again in other places fished

Labe and Upa are the
best riveren and close to their
farm , we have not seen anything so ? .

We hope in 2013 after to go there.

Regards Henk , Ruud , Rinus , Gerrit , Rob

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