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Fishing trip in May 2010: Kees Verhoef

Good day I am Kees Verhoef.
Flyfishing River Czech RepublicMetuje I am in May
one week to
Been the Czech Republic.
And I'm together
by Gerard
Erik and Sandra
very well received.

After a good night
sleep and a good
and breakfasts
bread for the afternoon
We went fishing.

I am every day
another river
been. I myself
not much caught
but Gerard
much more experience hence moreTrout river Czech Republic
caught, but I also had bad luck because
Gerard somewhere caught many
fish were there and I went all the fish 
in hunger staking.Forel the Upa

But Gerard and I have had a great week
and my compliments to you, Erik and Sandra
have given us very good care and fun house.
I like to do once over the next year.
So Erik and Sandra thanks for a great week fishing.

gr Kees Verhoef and Gerard de Ruiter

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