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Fly fishing in the Czech Republic Jan and Philippe de Man ("the Belgians" ...)

On 23-6-2012 evening geariveerd. And immediately received great welcoming Erik and Henk. The tone was immediately put to the rest of the week. Nice cozy breakfast, packed lunch ready and fish but. Erik always knew exactly which sites we should be. No effort was too much for him. And now I can truly say that I can catch J. numphen with fish Erik, Hank, thank you so much for the great care and the many pleasant moments. They are engraved in my mind to even think in komdende hectic months. Ate and then back Definitely worth doing over again. Long live the Dutch J.

PS: what have we learned:

People from West Flanders speak nearly the same language as Erik's dialect

The internet here is not so "www"

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