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Fishing trip in October 2010 : Gerrit Dekker , Jan Dunnik , Ton Krabman , Cor van Tongeren ,

October 2010 or Indian summer in the Czech Republic

Our fishing week in October at the Farm Flyfish Erik and Sandra was accompanied by temperamental weather . And mean us
I John , Ton , Cor , Erik and myself . There were days with a watery sun , interspersed with bright
cloudy and then dark clouds . The first frost in the early morning with ice on land and on the bushes and trees .
But days with lots of sun and a temperature ranging from three to about eleven or twelve degrees . Overall really great
Autumnal beautifully colored nature or the Indian summer in the Czech Republic . Dark clouds over Labe
Nature in the czech republic Flyfishing
A wonderful week where the beautiful fall colors , crystal clear water and beautiful fish was the basis for the general enjoyment.
Nature in the czech republic river jizera
Jizera River
In the spring (May ) we had under cold conditions several cuttings in Labe , Jizera , the Upa Metuje and fished and
trapped terribly well .
The dry fly appeared when the favorite by far above the usual Czech Nymph patterns. Caddisflies , humpies ,
comparaduns in shades of light and dark did very well .
The trout and grayling could not leave it alone . And then we had not
really expected because the temperature of the
period was still on the low side . Continue below ten degrees and insectenlevendat
after winter not very
came Kamanice.river Kamanice Czech republic Flyfishing
Rivier the Kamanice underway

During this Indian summer were
circumstances totally
otherwise . Nature arose
for a new winter . in the
Giant Mountains means that many
snow and frost , winter really so .
Followed by a spring with
much meltwater

The insect life was in
this period is substantially
under water. And the water was
really cracking and crystal clear. and
No real hatches . with
except for a single
light brown caddisflies who joined
sunnier weather showed itself . And then a dry brown caddis was equally successful . It was clear that the hydropsychidae
nymph u
nderwateHydrops Fly tyingr life was preparing for the winter
and hatch
exceptional cases would be how it was
in the beginning
nevertheless a little search for the
best opportunities.

Flying insects were scarce and
the fish go clear prefer the nymph . In one of our
sessions bind
we have expanded tried to " The
Czech Nymph "
to bind to the hand of an example of a life
hydropsychidae nymph . See further the binding
patterns of the site.

It soon became clear that to be successful you had to do aanknopenen the " Czech nymph -way" was fishing. Least two tungsten
weighted nymphs
Other methods were much less successful.

We have our technique it Fly on KamaniceJizera River Czech Republic flyfishing
with help from Erik greatly improved
However, this happened only after we
cuttings had been fishing and convinced
there were fish had to sit . but
but catch ho .

Erik demonstrated to us how the
ease some nice fish
can catch in the place that we briefly
sure without any results had
cut fish . And that is frustrating enough
to go to work. we were
around and went to work for our
To improve . Czech nymph technique

Czech nymphs in first place fish on feeling and view of the tip of your fly line .

Czech nymphs on Labe I wants no extensive reading give Czech nymphs but if you get the hang have ,
River Labe Czech Republic Fly fishing you will be amazed how
easily you the nymphs
on the bottom of a
fast flowing river,
maneuvering . That works with
a bite alarm and
conventional method of nymphs
and a fairly strong current and
depth not really. And there on the
Soil is the fish , as you can see them !

After some practice began Grayling on the Labe
as we gradually better
catch . However, the fish had to
Aces are tempted by so
of course possible offer
the bait . Otherwise no deal .

So you could be on the shallowerLabe nice grayling caught Flyfishing
pieces of the grayling clear
gathered. against the bottom
Beautiful face, which occasionally
and then the colors and white borders
of the flag clearly visible
were . They do not always let themselves
tempt , but catches
, all days are good.

For example, in October
week to enjoy the Indian
summer in the Czech Republic ,
the beautiful environment ,
beautiful fish to catch , good to eat ,
good whiskey tasted and learned a lot .
Although I prefer the dry fly is
Czechnymphen just nice and sharp
way of fishing .
In short, to repeat!

Gerrit Dekker

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