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Fly Fishing trip in May 2010: Hans van 't North Ende

Sandra and Erik in the Czech Republic have a house decorated especially for guiding fly fishermen. They let you know
with the beautiful nature and the fish there. Of course it is also nice stay in their farm. You feel completely
at home. The house is really well equipped, you name it and it's there. Wireless internet, online call,
everything is possible. Erik is a professional guide and fly binder. Like no other, he reads the river. He smells as it were,
where the fish sitting. Even my grandson of 12, he managed to catch fish. In no time Lots of brown trout and grayling
have therefore acquainted with Dutch hands. There, too, the food is delicious and affordable, as well as the expenses
Sandra and Erik. Thanks so much Sandra and Erik, like next year, but then a week.

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