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Fly fishing Trip "Hi Hans ,

I got the idea that you took interest in the Czech Republic a week . During the week of May 29th (arrival ) t / m June 4 ( travel )

there is still room . If you are interested please let short term as weten.Zie
Regards , Gerrit "

This e - mail began my first experience with Czech nymphs . Of course I had all the necessary read and heardon Czech nymphs
and one of the things I wanted to do was Czech nymphs . The e - mail from Gerrit came to the right time , I was ready to go .
The results were achieved fly by the Czechs in international competitions were and are impressive.
Just like in Formula 1 car race , where the best materials and techniques are designed and tested for our used cars are in the game fishing materials and techniques designed and tested for our used hobby fishing , such as fly fishing . Of course for me, fly fishing with dry flies the only real fly fishing and fly fishing with nymphs and hence Czech nymphs , a way of fishing that I use if the fish do not want to rise to dry flies . Czech nimphen is actually a separate form of fly fishing , and is again a step further when fishing with nymphs ordinary . Because the nymph upstream of a fly, so this is indeed fly , but a specialist in fly fishing. But here in the Netherlands I fish a lot and like a streamer on pike and what is a streamer actually do not fly or a nymph , but an imitation of a fish , so actually that no fly . And then throwing, I like to throw as you know and love well , whether is necessary or not, it must always far . Yes , and at the Czech nymphs is not necessary , you just fishing nearby, among the top of the rod , very close , I dare not say it, but really you're just on the verticals . Sometimes what further away and of course upstream . Mostly these will be fishing with several nymphs . All in all it is a special way of fly , let it keep them where we do everything to fish on the bottom with imitations of nymphs and where the major difference lies in the fact that we are also the speed of the flow at the bottom use, and not the speed of the flow at the surface of the water . Fortunately, this seems to fly again the dry fly , which we also want to prevent the fly is dragging and get an unnatural movement pattern . Actually, everyone should go fishing as he or she like it myself , and if that's a little different from the normal and common and thus he does anyone for anything , it's for my part well soon . The Czech nymphs , you can buy in the Czech Republic are very special . Tied on barbless hooks fine of jigtype , with the hook poinT upwards , so that the nymphs or no hook on the bottom and sometimes with a weighted and colored bodice. And special heavy gold cups or even better a silver cups , which fit perfectly on his jighakenalso needed , because you get to the bottom should be as soon as possible , where the fish is . I can still just go with the techniques of Czech nymphs, but you can actually see much better in practice than someone who You can tell , as Erik ironing by that well. He has all the potential in the vicinity of his Fly Fish Farm Czech Republic , which he and Sandra manages Bruins . The Fly Fish Farm is a converted farmhouse which is designed for eight Guests who want to come inTsjechië fly . Everything is beautifully renovated and on the website you can see how it looks and it really is mooier.Vissen are you doing on beautiful rivers that also encourage contain much fish , trout and grayling large and small. Because we had very nice weather with lots of sun , low water that was once crystal clear , there was much see the fish not promising was.Maar as you already guessed , the fish saw us and that was back in our disadvantage. Therefore fished with dry fly , Riveters and Light cahills , who did very well and enjoy taking were . Every day we fished another river and in the river again in many different places . Erik , our host , guide and instructor will find that you are not too much and especially too long in the same place to fish , to prevent you fishing spot overfished and thus destroy fish and he is right, of course . Erik fishing sometimes with , but mostly he accompanies his Guests to the water and then go find yourself looking for other useful and good fishing for guests , so we are . also he turns to us and he showed how especially true, you and your fishing with Czech nymphs . I myself , found that this was the best in deeper water and then into the flow channels where the trout like to state , in the so-called Trout zone after gaining momentum . It is the water where the bubbles are usually located on the water and the trench and also indicate the flow direction . Stroomnadenin which water flows more slowly , so after the trout zone and thus the grayling zone are also very good . The benefit is that you do not see the fish and remains undisturbed. It is important that You nymphs undisturbed on the bottom lets bounce without anything to hold the line so that the whole is lifted .Only at the end of the drift , the line stopped coming and the nymphs and nymphs climb up, usually with a take effect . And then the throw, or what for then must continue . It is and combined movement , lifts first , then catch a bite of light , followed by gradually in a smooth movement upstream shed and a new drift starts . If you do it well , you get the fishing rod on the upstream hand to the downstream hand , so that the drive is longer. That's something different than the rod hand and the hand line , or the forehand and backhand hand . Do you do this differently , wilder , uncontrolled, too hard or too soft , then you have a problem in the form of a number of nodes or of course a broken line . Onthaken is different, not just of hand on the fish, but the hook immediately grab and onthaken , no course is best for the fish and quickly fishing permits . Flying we tied every night in the Fly Fish Farm , which is very nice and also very weather was instructive and a course in itself . Dinner is in the Czech Republic good, cheap , widely available , and what do you then as a Dutch still meer.In concert every evening we went somewhere else to go, so we have somethin could see from the Czech Republic . I at least had a great week , which are also very instructive and was.Erik Sandra have created a very pleasant week , I can every aanraden.Natuurlijk is also the group people you accelerates important , such a week because you have to make the course fun together . Therefore , Gerrit Dekker , Jan Dunnik , thanks for the great week , which was very successful for me ,
which I enjoyed and which I can recommend. everyone

Hans de Jager .

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